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Free CRM software comparison 2021

Looking for the best free CRM software for your business? The age of Excel is at its end! To improve the management of your business, you have to adopt a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

Among the many CRM software on the market, you are considering a free solution. What options are available to you, and what features do you need to manage your customer data?

To determine which solution would best suit your needs, here is a selection of free CRM software in SaaS mode to guide you in your choice.

Read on to discover the CRM software that’s right for you!

CRM software: definition

CRM software records the contact details of a company’s customers, such as: telephone number, e-mail address, social media, preferred method of contact,and more. It can also automatically record other information, such as recent company activity data.

CRM software usually records this information in order to provide the user with a comprehensive overview of the company’s contacts and business data.

The CRM system organizes the information in order to enable the user to understand the evolution of the company’s network of interactions. This is useful when new marketing strategies are to be implemented or when existing strategies need to be adjusted or rectified.

In fact, CRM software improves Customer Relationship Management across the board, providing essential data to develop more targeted offers and personalized customer conversations.

Essential CRM functionalities

First of all, you should bear in mind that there are different CRM programs, each with a particular combination of functionalities.

In general, however, a good CRM should provide the following tools:

  • An online chat;
  • discussion forum;
  • A contact address (email);
  • Online tickets to report problems or request assistance;
  • Information services also provided in other media;
  • Customer quotes and invoices;
  • Customer payment history;
  • Tracking customer communication.

The CRM functionalities to improve your business

The main CRM functionalities that define a good CRM software must allow you to:

  • Approach new opportunities, through the use of new channels that enable attraction, conversion and, therefore, sales;
  • Improve and optimize the management of all business activities, whether internal to the company or external, i.e. in relation to customers;
  • Provide the right stimulus to develop adequate support for existing customers, highly qualified leads to purchase or even prospects;
  • Make the sale more directly and effectively, creating an optimal working connection between the marketing and sales teams.

Free CRM vs. open source CRM

First of all, let’s remember that very often free CRM and open source CRM are thought to be the same thing. Big mistake: in fact, open source software is not always free and some free software is not open source!

To better understand the difference

Open source software refers to software whose source code is open. Anyone can access it and modify it as they wish, as long as they have good programming skills or resources that can configure the tool. Some solutions offer a pre-configured version, with installation assistance available for a fee.

Why use CRM software for customer relationship management?

Features and benefits

Whether you are a start-up, a large company, an SME or a free-lancer, CRM software allows you to :

  • optimize the management of your contacts (customers, prospects, partners) by centralizing all information in a database, in order to follow up your commercial opportunities more easily;
  • segment your audience in order to create targeted marketing campaigns, to adapt your offers to your objectives, and thus to increase your chances of conversion;
  • organize your sales prospecting, with systems for follow-up, appointment setting and the history of exchanges between your staff and prospects;
  • automate your sales process;
  • monitor key performance indicators: for each file, observe which actions were successful for your sales or not, and better target your efforts on the points to be improved.

The limitations of free CRM software

If you are looking for a free CRM (Excel is really a thing of the past), know what to expect. The software versions offered are sometimes limited in terms of :

  • user number: many software publishers offer attractive ‘freemium’ offers at no cost, subject to a limit of users, contacts, volume of data storage, etc;
  • functional coverage: free software only offers basic functionalities while others, often indispensable, are sometimes only available as paid options, such as analysis tools, reporting tables or more specific configurations (for your warehouse management or invoicing systems for example);
  • duration of use: free trial versions are sometimes useful for testing the software with all the features offered, but the offer is limited in time.

✅ It is up to you to clarify the use you will make of it, depending on the size and scope of your business. If your company is still young or growing, a free software or freemium offer may suit you, but they quickly become insufficient as you grow.

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