Stories of the “alien” David Robert Jones (part 2)

It is the constant change in the music of David Bowie, that critics have identified him as the second most influential in the history of modern music in the world, after only The Beatles. Just like the Four Monsters, and unlike the rest of the artists who are largely hesitant to changes in their music, David did not hesitate to continuously diversify the color of his music, no was forced by the success of a certain album, and also accepted that his ideas were not immediately accepted (aka ahead of their time). Is it just the way he describes the transformation that makes listeners “neglect” before his own music. Then, when he got the recognition of the critics and listeners, the audience kept searching for David’s earlier albums and realized they had a major flaw.
Even more admirable, David Bowie’s music embraces an incredible variety of genres from the ages of folk rock, heavy rock, experimental rock, pop, soul, funk, new wave, dance and so on. Looking back, there weren’t many genres of music that David Bowie had yet to experiment with. To be successful in a music genre and be recognized as influential is difficult for any artist. But David Bowie can do it, not just once, but countless times with all kinds of music.
His spreading power to many genres of music was so great that it was difficult to find artists to enter the profession then did not suffer much from David Bowie. His non-stop creativity, at the same time, continuously changed from the late 60s to the last days of his life, even at times when he did not have a clear personality.
For example, The Man Who Sold The World (1970), although David did not create a character for him specifically, this is still an excellent album. The disc also features the classic track of the same name. In particular, the game where he changed the voice of the song “The Man Who Sold The World” continuously between A (shout) and C (captain), like a vicious circle with no way out, like the paranoid character himself. that David created in the song, it sounded extremely strange and fascinating. The way to go bass notes makes people feel like blues music, but the way to change chords is as rich as The Beatles. This post is probably the most popular later because it affected Nirvana, but as can be seen the moment Nirvana covered it, there was nothing they could do better than the original harmony and bass.

Or like the Berlin Triology trilogy with Electronic music style bringing ambient atmosphere somewhat ghostly, different from what David has done before. All three albums Low (1977), Heroes (1977) and Lodger (1979) with the collaboration with producer Brian Eno did not need David to “transform himself” into a specific character character to create a trilogy. such breakthrough results. The song “Heroes” emerged as the classic song “Bowie”. Until then, David was still inspired by the steady rhythm of the Velvet Underground “I’m Waiting For The Man”. So with only two main chord D (dribal) and G (sol chief), he still created a heroic and charming song “Heroes”.

Later, when his albums may not be as fire as before, in the last years of his life, his endless creativity still produced the last two masterpieces, The Next Day (2013) and Blackstar (2016). ).
Album Blackstar was released on his 69th birthday, just two days before David Bowie died after a period of fighting liver cancer. In the song “I Can a Give Everything Away”, the last track in Blackstar has the following:

Think about it, before leaving, David Bowie chose to be a “black star” rather than something that shines brightly. And with that, is David’s words to those who love him, observe more than feel, just say no but imply yes. It feels like, it turns out, the characters he carries, including Major Tom, Ziggy Stardust, Thin White Duke, or Halloween Jack, have excelled in making up for a “personality” without much mention. come behind all the other celebrities.

And because no one can live forever and give everything of himself, how wise David is to let the world feel the interference of the personalities he has performed throughout his musical career. without any song or character to describe.
That is the quiet presence of David Robert Jones – boy with magic eyes.

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