Les Paul – the great architect of Gibson guitars (part 1)

The history of the famous guitars may have come a long way, although the existence of a true electric guitar on earth has only been around for more than 50 years. But amid the abundance of brands of guitars, the plethora of layouts of frets, pickups, swingarms, and string numbers, the sound of an electric guitar is ultimately just a combination of two. Key sounds: Fender Stratocaster tree and Gibson Les Paul tree.

So it’s not too much to say that half of the world is indebted to Leo Fender, and the other half owes Lester William Polsfuss, or Les Paul.

Back in the early 1940s, one of the virtuosos guitar virtuosos, Lester William Polsfuss, also known as Les Paul, still struggled with how to make the sound from the guitar exactly. Paul gets used to the music from his harmonica and then sticks with the ball with his guitar. Not only mastered in music playing techniques and originated with the Jazz and Country genre, Les Paul is also constantly discovering and inventing ways to develop sounds from his instruments.

Talking about the inventions of Les Paul’s musical toys, many people probably do not notice. First he came up with a harmonica-wearing device right in front of his mouth to play and sing and be able to blow the trumpet easily. Then he also sought to attach a recording needle on the keyboard to connect to the speaker in order to increase the volume of the guitar.

As a perfectionist, unhappy about the occasional shrill noise caused by the echoes of a vibrating cabinet, Les Paul experimented with the utopia: to minimize the vibrations possible. To that end he made the body completely thick and named it The Log. In the mid-40s, Les Paul took the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis solid guitar to guitar maker Gibson but was laughed at because it looked like a sounding broom.
It was not until the 50s when rival manufacturer Fender released a solid instrument that Gibson thought seriously and invited Les Paul to consult with him. Combining with the manager and production leader, Les Paul created the guitar generation with the sound associated with the word “heavy” and the word “rock”, and forever changing the world of modern music.

To do that, Paul himself understood the mechanism and function of the instrument like the palm of the hand. Paul’s ability to play the top piano at that time contributed significantly to the legendary sound of that Gibson Les Paul tree. At that time, I heard Paul playing the piano for groups of singers, or later showed his wife Mary Ford how subtle he was. In addition to Paul playing lick or shred sentences between lines, he also created accent notes into a complementary voice for the singer, not overwhelming them, but created a harmonious, vibrant sound to the level of quality. the amount of recordings at that time but until now, is still book. Unfortunately, at that time, the recording technique was still limited, so all the “pioneers” of music and stage performance that Les Paul created were not fully remembered.

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