Story about the formation of the band Bon Jovi

I will tell you a little bit about the history of the band Bon Jovi. Good news, depending on you.

Everyone knows, Bon Jovi group has 4 guys who know each other from time to time playing music together: Jon Bon Jovi (singer, rythm guitar), Ritchie Sambora (lead guitar), David Bryan (Keyboard), and Tico Torres ( drums). Playing like that for a few years, it wasn’t until the group met the boss Doc McGhee that their career began to flourish, and received a recording contract in 1984.

See, how happy it was, until close to the date of signing the contract, the four friends still could not agree on the band name. A few years ago, when there was no contract, it was very pungent, to put all kinds of names including a banana like “Atlantic City Express”.

That evening, the four guys gathered all kinds of names out of heaven and under the sea, but none of them would accept any guy. Even the name of the band that combined the members’ initials was not approved.

Then my brother – Jon Bon Jovi, the youngest of the group, ventured to come up with his idea: “Or I take each guy’s name as the band name, after every 5 years, I change it once, so no one will lose. both “.

Those guys were probably tired then, hearing that makes sense, so they nodded. Finished, Ritchie wondered “who got the name of the band first?”, Leaving David and Tico scratching their heads: “stop asking Jon what he is up to, there must be a plan”

It is true that Jon has a real plan: “just stick to the alphabet for easy”. See, complete all who can object. Small but martial arts, no wonder I write music to listen to ear.

In that order, the band names every five years will be: Bon Jovi, Bryan, Sambora, and Torres.

And the name Bon Jovi was born from that day. The next day the band recorded their debut album “Bon Jovi” and immediately became a permanent name on the charts.

4 years later, “Slippery when wet” up to no 1 bill board.

One year later, “New Jersey” followed in his footsteps with a No 1.
Maybe because of that, after 5 years, he didn’t see the other 3 guys having the idea of ​​changing their names.

In 2018, Bon Jovi was honored in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

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