Learn about Ledzepllins’ great career through their album covers (pt3)

“Presence” is an album After so many incidents especially the car accident that happened with Rob Phines, it was only Zeppelin that gathered and there was almost nothing on hand for the next album. Presence doesn’t have as much morale as before, but in return has “Achilles last stand”.

Although he didn’t have too many ideas from his three teammates, Johnny Piles didn’t blame anyone even though he didn’t have the usual input from John Paul Jones’s keyboard, and Plant was carrying his leg with a cast to record. Maybe it was because the band was homesick because after a long tour, they also recorded in Munich this time. According to Page, this album is his favorite album about the guitar part. Pagey is so, always standing up for something.
The disc cover looked like a cartoon, acting as if nothing was “real”. Someone said, even the name of the album also reflected Zeppelin dared not say in the future. Come to think of it, the tools have come up with the word “virtual” long before he had him-t-stroke.
The disc cover really exhausted the idea of ​​sitting and looking at the black lump
Someone even took this cover against Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here cover, which had two men in a harness, shaking hands or one on fire. The Presence cover shows a picture of a middle-class family sitting at a restaurant. In the middle of the white table was a backward black lump. That department was called ‘The Object’, no one knows what it is, but family members pass it around like a TV ax. After that, Johnny Piles also brought it to mass sale for souvenirs.
Page and Plant say it is the Pen Tower (Obelisk). These two hands almost named the disc Obelisk. Whatever, Page said, “it makes people notice and contemplate what’s new, just like the music on that disc”.

But in fact, behind the magic of reality, the best image left is probably still the recording of the album in Munich. Rob Phines, still trailing his ankle bandage, tried to sit on the sofa in front of the mic but fell on his arms and fell down onto the sore leg. “F * ck!” Plant screamed, imagining how hurt he was. “Come on! Let’s see. ”- Johnny Piles rushed out like an arrow from inside the mixing table, worried his brother’s leg was broken again and picked Plant up. Of course everyone knows compared to the muscular or chest-braking Rob Phines, Johnny Piles is lighter and much smaller.
Although no one could feel the physical and emotional pain of Rob Phines at that time, the way Pagey pounced on his brother probably also helped alleviate the pain. Or luckily, the fall was not too serious. And Plant also completed the Presence recording. But who knows.

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