K.I.S.S – Never stopped loving (part 2)

Before they became a global brand, they had to confess that they made music that sounded great in the late 1970s. But more importantly, their performance was the only thing. Kiss quickly became famous for its fascinating shows: bombs exploded, flashing lights, fireworks flew in the sky (Kiss was the first band to use flares in the show). Bassist Demons is always ready to spit fresh blood while performing, and Spaceman’s guitar is just burning fire. In short, a Kiss performance “attacks all senses” and is nothing more than a gala dinner and filled with eye-catching images.

It seems that whoever went to see Kiss for the first time was almost a fan of them. Unfortunately, when Kiss observed that people would love to go to their shows, but when they went back and refused to buy discs, they decided to release the first live disc that could record their full atmosphere. .

At the same time, Kiss’s Cassanbla record label was on the verge of bankruptcy, and every tip seemed to point towards Kiss’s three albums not selling as expected. The Kiss Alive! Double disc, so it seemed a hit all of them, and producer Eddie Kramer, who produced Jimi Hendrix and in charge of sound engineering for the Led Zeppelin II, had been Come to help. Kiss Alive! then hit the gold record and go down in history as one of the best live performance albums of all time, because of the really exciting atmosphere it creates. Those who went back to see Kiss performances, now suddenly there is something to help them recall those magical moments (the secret is far from telling).

The most overlooked person for the contributions in Kiss Alive! (and Alive II as well), probably Spaceman. Space Ace was perhaps the most complete musical player in the original Kiss lineup, and provided the necessary balance for the familiar winning formula of the time: a singer singing high voice beside a guitar. hero. Please don’t compare Ace Frehley with colleagues like Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) or Joe Perry (Aerosmith) on either side of the Atlantic – I think Space Ace has the qualities of a Guitar Hero in the literal sense of it: someone who has all the techniques and techniques on stage, and more importantly, he makes everyone, especially the children, want to take the piano and imitate “extraordinary” movements. Ask Darrel Dimebag, John 5, Marty Friedman, and the man who later raised the concept of guitar hero, Eddie Van Halen.

Space Ace – The true guitar hero of Van Hale’s “pre-” era

With all due respect, I think the guitar heroes of the time when playing the guitar became … difficult to imitate. Look, we have a fairly long list of guitars influenced by Spaceman, even though life is not always a dream (and the complaints of its descendants that Ace plays simply). Reminded of the time Darrel Dimebag met his idol with his own eyes, Dimebag was extremely surprised when the idol introduced him the “trick” to make the piano sound beautiful when performing: the box was silent. Yes, Kiss’s guitars are played through amps, placed in an extremely large box and soundproofed, placed behind the stage, and in that box there is a microphone that leads back to the mix table and speaker system. stage. The “silent box” was a genius idea that had helped Kiss Kiss’s clean sound over the years.

And like it or not, Kiss Alive! naturally helped Kiss sell albums that were rude. Cassblanca suddenly excitedly returned to help Kiss create their heyday with three consecutive albums: Destroyer (1976), Rock and Roll Over (1976), and Love Gun (1977) before capturing the glorious moment. this with Kiss Alive II (1977) with the very winning formula of Alive !, but with a brand new set.

But Kiss’s very impatience to remove the antlers also signaled the gradual exhaustion of their musical ideas. The number of live performances of the other three albums only filled three of the four sides of the double, and Kiss had to record five more tracks for the full Alive II. This extra recording naturally showed a sense of excitement in Kiss, when Ace Frehley refused to record 4 out of 5 of those songs, and had to ask the help of studio artist Bob Kulick “magic”. Thief thought, the word “fake deer” and “fake live” also sounded a rhyme.

Well, maybe Kiss’s short cycle of success was probably three years, starting with Alive !, and ended at Alive II. The good news is they have built a brand for extremely cheerful music, dramatic and dramatic performances, and pre-time performance techniques. More than that, the two leaders of Kiss, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, began to develop superior plans to develop their brands. Kiss’s next, commercial-heavy period, turned out to last for more than 30 years after their three-year musical successes.

Kiss out superhero comics about themselves. Warner Bros. even produced Kiss Babies cartoons as well as the movies

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