The sluggish “deaths” of rock superstars

Today is such a free day, I’m sitting here and thinking miscellaneous about the artists who have passed away. It is true that each person looks, there are no artists that are less regrettable than any other artist, but among them the “unexpected” deaths seem to be the most regrettable.

We’re not talking about overdosed deaths here (OD), because the artist brothers’ drug play is more likely to be heard by OD.
The following kinds of deaths of talented artists dumbfounded audiences, wondering if there was a parallel world if that didn’t happen, when their departures caused the flow. the music had to stop.
1. Randy Rhoads – died of a plane crash: the super hero superhero led me to the guitar. During a tour in 1982, Ozzy’s band stopped at a farm to fix the air con on the bus. Incidentally, there were a few helicopters and private planes in the estate. Aycock, a left-handed bus driver who can fly an old plane, early that morning climbed into a Beechcraft F35 and asked the band brothers to fly a few rounds. The first train carrying keyboardist Don Airey landed safely. Second train Randy climbed on and after a few minutes of gliding through the heads of the buses, the wings of the plane scooped into the roof of a car and lost control. The plane then crashed through a tree and crashed into a nearby warehouse that caught fire.
The F35 was similar to the one that killed Randy Rhoads
Only keyboardist Don Airey, now standing on the ground trembling, saw the whole thing as the crew was still asleep.
Ozzy Osbourne is still haunted by this until now. He cried a lot at that time, canceled the show, thinking about quitting because Randy left. Perhaps Ozzy was more devastated than all the people in the world combined.
Okay, bassist Rudy Sarzo is still thinking positively. To this day, he still believes that Randy on that plane tried to pull Aycock’s arm so that the plane did not hit the bus, but the rest of the crew were sleeping below, in which Rudy, Ozzy, Sharon Osbourne and the crew.

2. Darrel Dimebag and John Lennon – shot by crazy fans: maybe I don’t need to say more because these two deaths are so famous. As a result, those streams of music of talent ceased forever and to the audience nothing can compensate for the loss.
The image of Dimebag’s guitar, Dean From Hell, broken and broken with his entire body collapsed, is probably more iconic than anything I know.

It was so haunted that the later singers always wore bulletproof armor while walking in the hotel for fear of crazy fans. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler also admits that he is performing or dancing because it is difficult for anyone to aim at it (!!!).
Not only that, the effects of these two deaths probably went beyond the gloominess of the music world. Of all the debates and petitions about the US gun law, these two deaths are among the most vivid evidence. Emoodzik to America: if you need more protests about the law on gun use, we will add some of them from far away Vietnam.
3. John Bonham – choking to death from swallowing vomit while sleeping: of course that day John Bonham also hangs his fishing rod after drinking loads of heavy alcohol. He was lying on the bed vomiting and choking leading to suffocation and death.

Led Zeppelin then disbanded because no one in the world could replace John Bonham. A lot of efforts have been made to bring the band back, but the harmony of the four musical talents John Bonham, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones is never going to happen in the world again.

4. Cliff Burton – being crushed by the bus: that day, Kirk Hammet and Cliff Burton played to draw the cards to see who won, they were allowed to choose the bed on the tour bus. Cliff wins. In the middle of the night, the bus hit something and flipped sideways right beside Cliff. Cliff fell out of the window and was hit by the car. Kirk hammet fell out of bed rolling around.
Without Cliff Burton, Metallica would never be a thrash band in the “Lightning” and “Master of puppets” era anymore, and if not for the popularity of the first three albums, Metallica would have been crushed by Megadeth long ago.
Illustration of death by Cliff Burton
5. Bon Scott – overslept in the car: yet another man was hanging out on a fishing rod. Bon Scott fell asleep in the car and died of the cold.
The writer took a selfie by the statue of Bon Scott in his hometown – Fremantle
A good reader of EmoodziK recently provided new details regarding Bon Scott’s death, that he was put to sleep in a closed car without turning on the engine, so Bon Scott suffocated and the rest He was sued again, but there was not enough evidence.

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