K.I.S.S – Never stopped loving (part 3)

Indeed, no one in the music world can match Kiss’s business mind, especially Gene Simmons. In his spare time, he even discovered the abbreviation O.J. There are a lot of people using it to talk about “Orange Juice”, so go and apply for the acronyms. Not to mention, Simmons also copyrighted his version of the devil horn finger, which looks a bit different than we would normally do with the index finger and little finger sticking out (promoted by Ronnie James Dio) with the thumb. slightly opened.

If you are in the US, be careful with your hands like this lest you have to pay Gene Simmons
With Simmons, there simply isn’t any good or bad news. It’s just that he was important enough to appear in the newspaper. Simmons doesn’t bother with disparaging. Anything that could make Kiss appear on the news, they would.

Even so, Kiss did not hesitate to post to admit that they played bad music. They are also not afraid to confess Kiss Alive! The classics turned out to have been overdub (additional receipts) and heavily edited in the studio prior to release, and even audience ruckus was added. Also from here, perhaps Kiss’s slogan “Whatever works” (“as long as you eat money”) becomes as lively as their masked appearance. Paul Stanley also said: “Don’t judge our professional conscience in music, we do everything we can to give the audience the best to hear.” As for Gene Simmons, he concluded: “Bob Dylan or whatever, he needs money to live. No one will praise them if they sing well but are poor”.

Coming back to music, even though he no longer released outstanding albums like Kiss or Destroyer, Kiss always tried everything. When it was planned for each member to release a solo album right after Alive II to take advantage of the unsuccessful popularity (ironically, Spaceman sold the most records), Kiss turned the test. with market music, aka Disco music with Dynasty (1979), musical with Music for the Elder (1981), before returning with winning formula with “Fun Rock” with Creatures of The Night (1982), and Peter Criss and Ace Frehley are now removed from the thorns in their eyes.

Crucially, Kiss realized they should revolve around the traditional winning formula: having hit songs about a good time, and where fillers are. What is more important is that Kiss realizes they need real artists to carry the team: Eric Carr then Eric Singer on the drum, and especially Bruce Kulick on the guitar position. That’s not to mention the silent contributions of the people behind ready to fill in the blanks like Bob Kulick (guitar), or Vinnie Vincent (guitar), and many other session artists for both bass and drums, Kiss. Struggled through the 80s and early 90s. Until they recorded MTV Unplugged, and fortunately with the talent of drummer Eric Singer and lead guitarist Bruce Kulick, MTV Unplugged became a great record and inspired a whole new generation of fans. Toe, who were born in the 80s and probably had parents who liked to listen to Kiss in the good times of the 70s. Once again, we went looking for the Kisses of the ’70s (and paid for it because the quality of the recording was so bad), and scooped up the Kiss Alive! and Alive II is cool.

Fortunately, Kiss still has such stubborn artists as Bruce Kulick

And Kiss since 1998 got Space Ace back, made up again and on tour; And rare old men like Gene Simmons continue to carry clothes weighing nearly 20 kg, to continue conquering other promised lands and selling anything in the world with their names attached. And they still just need a setlist that was created back in the 1970s.

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