Black Sabbath – The great achievements (part 5)

Perhaps it is not too much to call Tony Iommi the first ill-fated victim of the music industry’s first grinder, when there is no autonomy about his music products. And here, it seems that Tony’s “innocence” to the music world compared to his counterparts in Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple is cruel, because it seems that Tony doesn’t even have a grudge. opposing for the interests of him and Sabbath – he was both in a “downstairs” position in front of the record label and manager. While at the same time on Ozzy Osbourne’s team, the musicians have come and gone, but the quality of the music, the ability to break the charts, and the tactics to appear in public all bring high consensus. .

And yet, the passing of Ozzy probably indirectly made things worse for Tony, as it led to a split in the Arden family, when Sharon Osbourne became an enemy of her biological father because of Ozzy, Old father Don. “Failure to collaborate also means confrontation” is also the Arden family’s motto. Many times those wicked gangs hit the weakest point in the heart of Tony Iommi, when repeatedly proposing reunions with Ozzy Osbourne and the Butler, Ward framework. Nine times the frustrated and humiliated person would still be Tony Iommi, when Ozzy repeatedly rejected the idea of ​​reuniting, or Ozzy’s team pulled out of the contract at the last minute. Indeed, in this chaotic and complicated world, we know almost nothing about the human heart.
It was not until 2000 that Tony Iommi “gave up” with his obsession with Sabbath and released his first solo album named after him. Turns out that is not terrible because then Tony went on to release other albums, and unfortunately Seventh Star was never recognized as a solo album to help the world better understand his guitar talent. Looking sideways, Geezer Butler turns out that after separating, he released his solo album in 1996, and Bill Ward has had his own toys since 1992.
Since Iommi (2000), Black Sabbath points out a single album with a reunion of the original frame, 13, in 2013.
I wouldn’t sit here wondering what the world would have been like if Tony Iommi gave up the guitar at that time, or what miracles Tony could do with his fingers. On the contrary, I appreciate Tony having all the determination in the world plus a bit of inspiration from Django Reinhart, a jazz guitarist with only two fingers in the aftermath of an accident, to not just create Metal sounds from groundbreaking riffs and lowers, but also produces unprecedented immeasurable things, like making thinner strings from banjo strings, or invented an interchangeable guitar pick up to pick out different tones; a long time ago when people had commercialized those products. Tony Iommi has turned the disadvantaged as the result of one misfortune, to shine bright in another field.
Only the fact that he was suppressed by the management team, I really can’t help it. And so the story of the group is over. Thank you!

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