Black Sabbath – The great achievements (part 4)

But no matter how talented Tony Iommi is, Black Sabbath’s monopoly must be maintained by the contributions of all four. As Ozzy Osbourne began to fall out of his bad habits, Tony’s riffs or Bill Ward’s mature drumming couldn’t save Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die! later. Ozzy Osbourne was sacked in 1979 as a necessity to save the rotten squad that didn’t even want to see each other, and the Black Sabbath suddenly turned weak and confused on the doorstep into the new 80s. with the rise of the NWOBHM and later the American glam metal. Tony Iommi accepts the fact that it is impossible to find a singer instead of Ozzy, who must be both good enough to fill the void, wise enough to compare and disgrace to people. predecessor that the grave world is waiting for.
Of course there was no need to wait until Sabbath’s new singer was named, as soon as Ozzy separated from his solo career, the music industry was gleefuling over the new pastime aka the informal race between Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne. Ironically, Don Arden’s daughter, Sharon, following Ozzy and becoming a manager made a comeback in his career. with Sabbath music from old father Don).
Meanwhile, Tony had to replace a dozen singers after Ozzy and the most memorable is probably Heaven And Hell with Ronnie James Dio (1980), the album that seemed to change Tony’s fortune into the new decade. But it turns out that there is no singer who can sing like Ozzy, playing between beats and notes, because when the others were singing the right notes to the beat, the music of Black Sabbath suddenly lost the ghost of it. Bill Ward is probably the one who pushes this out the most, also because in Sabbath, Bill is the player who is close to Ozzy like brothers, while Geezer and Tony often work together as a couple. Tony Iommi has always been quiet and painful with the care of Sabbath, accepting all the changes so that the next product can return to the sound of the past. Wasn’t it in the 1970s that every time Sabbath released an album, they humiliated critics?

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