The lavish world of GNR (pt1)

I don’t understand where He got some wooden boards from the back of the house and turned it into a temporary sleeping place in that room. If lying neatly, it would be very good to have 3 people There was no kitchen, no bathroom, and no toilet.
But that’s also pretty much it! Given the current circumstances of the entire band that he and his friend Axl Rose formed, each Duff McKagan has a job. The rent is $ 400 a month, so the whole association has less than $ 4 a day to spend.

Slash recently lost his job, so that tiny makeshift house that holds Mr. Slash and Axl is the main thing. And he, Duffy and Steven can stay in the girlfriend’s house. It’s important to have that cramped room for music practice.
In the guild, Axl quickly demonstrated the role of leader. As good as Slash had no idea because he just needed to play music with someone with a unique voice like an Axl, and gather with crazy guys like this. Duff pays more attention to the team’s discipline, but he also admires Axl’s talent. Anyway, Duff only plays bass. It was only Steven Adler, with his straightforwardness, to say things that hit Axl the most.

He and Axl have been close friends since high school. He knows that Axl always has only two states: one is shy and gentle, and the other is mad. In the group, perhaps he is the guy who brought the most compositions to contribute, but many of the songs he tried, Axl also criticized them: sometimes he sounded like Thin Lizzy, sometimes he sounded like Queen, sometimes he got angry. But well, he was just a rhythm guitar player anyway. And he doesn’t lack confidence that he’s good at writing music.

Here, he and Slash will often jam together on the guitar, shoot out loud riffs, then Steven will pull the suitcase to knock instead of the drum, Mr. Duff will fill in the extreme bass. and then Axl will jump in to complete the melody and lyrics. A lot of musical inspiration comes from that cramped room. But it was the harsh sounds that hit his band’s listeners’ faces actually came from the filthy things involved in that room.
According to Duffy – it’s “easy” to have no money and still have many girls around
And no one can deny Axl’s sublime talent, as it turns parts of his simple backbone ideas into great tunes. Especially when his, Slash, or Duffy’s cards come with it often already has its own lyrics and melodies. When it passed through Axl’s mouth, the melody became complete and the words were suddenly modified to sound much more reasonable. No one can take that away from Axl.
Slash has a very sensitive sense of melody and riffs. He never understood how Slash created those unmatched sentences. Many times, the riff comes out while jamming together. But most of the time, Slash used to think about the music in his head for a long time and often his first idea came out, always the best. Slash wasn’t afraid to try this or that, but the last recorded thing, is usually the first thing that pops out.
Once he heard Slash running his fingers on Steven’s drums, he played the accompaniment of the accompaniment and then got the bass line from Duff. That music made Axl excited to compose lyrics based on his relationship with his girlfriend at the time. With the harmonic round, it is quite easy to guess, only D (dribble), C (major), G (sol major) and A (la major). But surely Slash wanted something more groundbreaking. The music clip suddenly changed the voice from the 3rd solo to Em (minor), sounding completely thorny with the sentence like a child crying. As a result, the song “Sweet Child O ‘Mine” is probably the song that has the least connection with their dirty things.

That’s right, the first dirty thing is the alcoholic liquid. With a small amount of money they are allowed to spend every day, eating is one thing, alcohol is indispensable. He remembers the time we both shouted “I’m on a night train”, after searching. get a cheap drink with that name on it. The riff and melody he and Slash and Duffy wrote spontaneously a few days earlier. And his job was probably simply the background for Slash’s solo to fly even higher than Axl’s voice.

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