The lavish world of GNR (ending)

The only thing that would probably nurture explosive heads was only tours. But contrary to the group’s desire to go on stage, Axl is always late or canceled the show without notice. Often it is down to keeping the voice. If before he would be pissed off bloody eyes, now when he is “clean”, he suddenly “awake” realizes more important things than waiting for Axl. That is so strange!

But anyway, the GNR on stage is still an atomic energy that can wreak havoc on everything. Even though the main vocalist of the band is still sullenly late when coming home early, and the group still gritted their teeth and beat “vegetarian” throughout the many shows. The GNR-minus-Axl is like a racing car struggling all day waiting to accelerate to full speed for a few hours every night. They both crave the feeling of standing on stage, unable to understand how to be immersed in the raging atmosphere that GNR created, or the stage is the last hiding place of the bewildered people who dare not think about. when will the band end.
Incident in the attack at St. Louis is probably the most recorded. Axl had a “problem” with an audience above his head, and he went down and lost. At first they were happy to continue playing as if to cheer for Axl. But when he got back on stage, Axl threw away the mic and went straight. Absolutely not, they have to leave the stage. Audience St. Louis then raged and destroyed everything, with damages amounting to $ 200,000. The thing is, even when they were escorted back by the police, there was no sign of Axl?

‘Pretty Tied Up’ – an awful variety of music by Izzy Stradlin ‘

After the incident St. Louis a few weeks, GNR set out again for Europe tour. Germany, August 1991. Axl got upset again and put the stage back inside. The show organizers had a lesson from St Louis, and this time they closed the hall: neither the band nor the audience could go out. They were all scared, except for Axl who locked himself idle in the van outside. Matt Sorum, unbearable, shook the singer’s wrist. Like Steven Adler, Matt was never able to understand why Axl never did what he should have done. I wonder if Matt is twice as big as Axl, that Axl went back on stage, and didn’t have a St. Louis second.

But with him, maybe it was not necessary to suffer any more choking anger with Axl like that. After the show, he told them that he was going to rest.

The day he took leave from the group, the day Axl, Slash and Duff lost their old friends, was the day when the band Guns N ‘Roses lost their soul, but maybe not everyone in the world would bother. Perhaps like the departure of Steven Adler, playing the guitar rhythm, there must be many people who can do it.

‘Double Talking Jive’ – with “coincidental” lyrics rather than Izzy
After the day he announced his leave, Axl naturally never was late and canceled the show for the rest of his European tour.

After the day he announced his leave, several times he tried to withdraw his mind when Slash was over and Axl begged. But what makes him dismiss it all, is Axl’s proposal to renew the contract, and it’s unlikely the percentage he got from the GNR name will “change” a bit. It turned out the same time as with Steven Adler.

About a year after his break, GNR went on a gigantic show with Metallica, who were extremely professional in their performances and deserved every penny that the audience spent to go to the field. Axl and GNR are always up late, and indeed in front of “hard” guys like Metallica, he secretly felt that the rest of my career would go rancid for the rest of my life.

Not too long after that, respectively Slash, then Duffy, and even Matt Sorum left GNR. Those guys are still playing well together in Velvet Revolver with Scott Weiland. That is so strange!

He also observed that GNR later and the “Chinese” era played with 3 guitars. Someone said that would make it as thick as he and Slash did.
Perhaps the danger of the GNR is because they exploded too soon, so that for many years after, they still could not keep up with the supersonic speed they created.
But he understood, even if he could go back in time, re-board the “Nightrain”, and start from the beginning together from the “jungle” emerge, and experience all the temptation and rotten selfishness. excuse me once more, and he, Slash, Axl, Duffy, and Steven Adler are all ready to destroy the world once more.

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