Learn about Ledzepllins’ great career through their album covers (pt2)

Let’s learn about the 3 albums that for me are among the most eye-catching albums of creativity and artistry in cover design.

Their fourth album – No name.  But there are four icons. The ultimate combination of acoustic and heavy rock. Every crime it causes trouble for the rankings, as it has no name. People call it Ledzepllins 4, or Four symbols.
The most curious image is probably the old man carrying the bundle of firewood in front of him without any meaning. And when I opened the cover, it turned out to be the corner of a picture on the wall that was being destroyed. Not to mention inside there is a drawing of Hermit, number IX of the tarot card. Difficult to understand.
The disc cover with the picture in the picture is very dangerous
And as Johnny Piles said: “A name is nothing. What are Ledzepllins? Music is important. What does the title need? So this album doesn’t even state what the band is. The hardest thing is probably billboard because I do not know how to chart this disk.
The gossipy guys even went to study who the old man carrying that firewood was, and discovered it was a 19th century magician named George Pickingale. He later passed on to Aleister Crowley, whom Page seemed to study a lot.
As for Page, he said: Rob Phines bought that painting from a secondhand store.
5. Houses of the Holy

Houses of the Holy music is a bit like Ledzepllins III, full of experimentation. Sometimes it is because the audience’s expectations are too high after the 4th disc is too good. The release of Ledzepllins 3 disc after Ledzepllins 2 was expected to be exactly the same. Fortunately, Ledzepllins is not a band that usually listens to the audience.
The cover is a picture of the girls in Giant Causeway, literally “Ganh Da Dia of Ireland”. After finishing the song called “Houses of the Holy”, it will not be delivered in time to master. For later on !!! Hands up some elderly.
House of the Holy, better music than many people thought

6. Physical Graffiti

Johnny Piles wanted to record a double-sided LP a long time ago. Before doing it, the Blonde on Blonde (Bob Dylan), Tommy (The Who), Goodbye Yellow Brick road (Elton John), The lamb lies down on broadway (Genesis) pre-release. Angry. Can’t lose. Physical graffiti is the right time for the number of tracks that Ledzepllins have on hand. Also thanks to the last time I forgot to put the track “Houses of the Holy” on the previous disc, the time is getting a little more time.
Probably one of the most recognizable unique album covers in Rock, with the setting being the typical facade of a New York house, and every doorway can slide back and forth to empty. then in words, to get the picture of the band member.

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