The lavish world of GNR (pt2)

He was driving on the LA highway. For five days he had been awake completely by the miraculous medicinal herb, cocaine. Looking at the place where the screws were on the car, he was startled to see maggots crawling. Steven Tyler once said that he had been on drugs to the point of seeing maggots. He never let himself go that far.

GNR not Izzy how strange
At that moment he realized that he had gone too far.

But in the short term, he has to drive to the next show point, while the rest of us can fly. He was banned from flying for a year because he peed on a plane (the others gave him the name “Whizzy” after that). The feeling of sanity makes him feel comfortable on a long journey. The only thing that started to get discouraged was his band.

The main reason everyone-know-what-is is addiction. Even with such a fondness for Slash, he could not help but get angry when his best friend came over to play and threw away the syrup and spoon full of flour in the house and walked away, knowing what day it was. There will also be police to check him out while on probation. Years later, he and Slash talk about it again and realize how corrupt they were.

MTV initially banned GNR’s music from being broadcast because of its scandal, until Geffen asked MTV’s side to show the clip “Welcome To The Jungle” once at 4am, then the very next day, the number of requests from viewers is sent to the station almost entirely. GNR has shattered all prejudices with unstoppable explosive music. It’s been a long time since real hard rock has been heard. They liken their music to Led Zeppelin or Aerosmith.

But for the “arrogance” just gained, the members of GNR have become fragmented and no longer like before. There was no longer the time when the whole association was short of money, looking for each piece of food, but sympathizing in playing music. The rhythmic combination of Steven’s drums and Duffy’s bass, the tight, uninvolved connection between his rhythm guitar and Slash’s solo, Axl’s unique vocals with wide range and unpredictable.

“Bad Obssession” – something similar to “Mr. Brownstone” is also from Izzy and Slash

It is not correct to use the reason that they did not gather, as evidenced by the Slash, Duffy, and the newly recruited comrades. But Axl has moved out and rarely meets the rest. Both music practice and music recording. He also went back to his hometown in Indiana and only met the Slash on music and shows. He also does not remember what happened to the drug since the L.A, just know that his father had to run down and drag him back. Like it or not, the word is “clean”. The rest say he can’t play music 100% like before. That is so strange!

Axl Rose is going crazy. Its mood changes constantly making them all go crazy. He no longer recognized his high school buddy even though he knew that Axl had been mad since then. Axl is always absent from shows, doesn’t ride in the car, doesn’t sit at the same table, and just shows up close to the time. Even writing music together for their upcoming album, Axl is a time not. The four men regularly play “vegetarian” music together. But like him, they are both elusive when it comes to the root cause of this – it’s all in just two words “power”. For guys who have experienced fire and c * t like them, it turns out that everyone has an individual ego and no one accepts that one of them suddenly jumps to the top. On the other hand, if you keep the band with the right shoulder, the music seems to be difficult to complete.
Axl can be seen behind the head from behind Appetite. It alone insisted on the song “One In A Million” with racist and homosexual words, before the group’s objections to the Lies disc. “You are blonde and white, you are crazy” – but Axl’s stubbornness adds to the “subtlety” that the rest of the others just accidentally admit the role of the leader of the group. And of course it will also include financial management.

Even so, they all seem very excited to write music together, don’t mind Axl. Struggling to write for the next album with a lot of songs from the Appetite era such as “Civil War”, the ballad “November Rain”, or “You Could Be Mine” that he wrote, the two of them continued to come out. “Breakdown”, “Pretty Tied Up”, “Coma”, “Garden”, “Estranged”, etc. not too difficult. GNR still has unmatched magic power when the two of them sit together, the eating of this association is nothing to rival. It is something that is difficult to explain, because it is not all good artists who sit together. Not before the luck got to Matt Sorum, they tried enough people and got good guys like Martin Chambers of the Pretenders to try it out, only to find out that good music turned out to be more than good guys playing. music together.

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