Metallic Monument – all audiences can easily recognize James’s singing.

James Hetfield was shown by Bob Rock to a completely new, more emotional way of singing, and I probably don’t need to describe much of this, as all audiences can easily recognize James’s singing.

Hetfield completely changed from the Black album. It was the growth from a screaming boy into a roaring man. Kirk Hammet, a shy guy with sparkling sentences inspired by his teacher Joe Satriani, who has long been used to soloing beautiful sounds and melodies on a grumpy riff background, was suddenly pressed by Bob Rock to get irritated. while creating angry solo tracks. And again the audience, who are so subtle, have noticed that when Kirk Hammet’s guitar comes out with the “Wah” effect in “Enter sandman”, it seems that “Wah” is never turned off again. And Jason Newsted, now able to freely use the bass to create a rhythm part of the song, not just follow the notes to the rhythm like in Justice.
Metallica may have different meanings for each of their members. For Lars Urlich, perhaps that is his “profession”: favorite fitness races with an amateur tennis player, standing at the top of the stage on an elevated drum rig in front of tens of thousands of people. the stadium, and the “business” aspect outside the stage in band management. A blend of art, management, and logic. Smashing straight into the face of those who messed with “business” (hello, napster?), It was Lars.

But for James Hetfield, it was a world to free up. Growing up in a situation “unlike anyone else when his family (and community) became a Christian Scientist (a cult that believed God could cure a disease without medicine), perhaps James was a grown-up guy. a singular appearance (and consciousness) that tries to find a way to prove himself in a “normal” society. Always having to explain to everyone why he never got a medical certificate, or always required an exemption from a physical exam every time he transferred schools or joined a football team, James felt like he didn’t belong in this world. Perhaps because of that, James was easy to get along with at first Dave Mustaine, an “outcast” but in a different way, only to get back that the “rejection” turned out not to hold everyone together. All images of solid, masculine, drinking like a pot of wine and carelessness have become “framed” before the world, especially after the death of coal friend Cliff Burton. But behind the many “drafts” that Bob Rock forced James to sing over and over, he was always a shy and skeptical guy with everything. “The God That Failed” in Metallica ’91 is probably the song that speaks of many of James’s never-before-seen narratives, about a mother who died helplessly from cancer without a God or a Religion. can help.

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